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The Wisdom of Go-Girl: Don’t Take Life Sitting Down
February 18, 2009, 7:56 pm
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As if it was intended to be a cosmic response to my toilet seat etiquette post, I stumbled upon this gem of an invention today.  I was driving in a cold-suppressant- drug-induced haze through snow and rush hour traffic on my way to work this morning when some talking heads on the radio brought up a new product called GoGirl, an FUD.  The website uses the acronym FUD as though it were something we are all familiar with, but in case you are unenlightened, as was I, it stands for Female Urination Device.  The only FUD I was aware of is the vagina, but I guess I’m old fashioned.  According to the guys discussing it on the radio, the product and it’s website just came out this week, and I thought the timing and the concept of GoGirl  (which as far as I can tell is really just a pink plastic funnel with its own carrying case) were too perfect not to share.  The website is highly amusing and full of fun slogans like the one in the post title, as well as this pearl:  You won’t be like a man; you’ll just pee like one.  I want to meet the marketing genuis behind this, and I also direct any of the aforementioned hoverers and coverers with aim issues to check out this product ASAP.  Apparently it’s all the rage in Europe.


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Katie – check out the “testing” booth at the Women’s Expo in Minneapolis!

Inside the GoGirl Comfort Stations

There’s non-flammable scented candles inside! (This probably sounds/looks nicer than your office bathroom.)

Comment by Jessica

Okay….this has me baffled! I can see the benefits but are you supposed to carry around a urine covered funnel all day or go to the sink and wash it when you wash your hands? And can you imagine sitting on the commode and glancing at the feet in the next stall which will be facing in the wrong direction, pants around the ankles?

Comment by Michelle

I totally saw this on a while back. It cracked me up and grossed me out in solid intervals for about 15 minutes while I contemplated its use. It definitely looks like something the Japanese would come up with.

Comment by Laza

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