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“Thank you for calling, please hold until you hang up.”
March 31, 2009, 3:36 pm
Filed under: Work Bitching

In my capacity as a receptionist, I have the supreme joy of interacting with the public not only in person, but also via telephone.  The following is a transcript of a conversation I had yesterday with a person trying to reach someone at my company.

Me:  Good afternoon, thank you for calling “—–,” how may I help you?

Joe Q. Public:  Um, hi there, um, hang on a second.  Yeah, can you hold?  Someone from your building called me and left me a message but I need to listen to the message and get the guy’s name.

Me:  Okay…

At this point, he proceeds to listen to the voicemail that was left for him by someone from my company.  I’m guessing he was using two phones to accomplish this, because I could hear the voicemail, but not well enough to make out what was being said on it.

Joe Q. Public:  Okay, it’s Eric. I need to talk to Eric.

Me:  What is the last name?

JQP:  I don’t know.  Just put me through to Eric.

Me:  We have more than one Eric working for the company.

JQP:  You do?

Apparently Eric is a unique enough name to qualify someone to go the one-moniker route, a la Shakira or Madonna.

Me:  Yes.  What department are you looking for you?

JQP:  He’s a recruiter.

Me:  There is no Eric in recruiting.  I can transfer you to a recruiter though, and I’m sure he could assist you if your call is in reference to an open position.

JQP:  How many Erics you got?  Just read ‘em all off to me.

Me:  Sir, we have quite a few Erics.

JQP:  How many?

Me:  14.

JQP:  Oh, well, okay, let me listen to the whole message.  I stopped listening after he said Eric.  I’ll just call you back after I listen to the whole thing.

Good idea.

Actually, that's not fair.  It's not the phone that I hate.

Actually, that's not fair. It's not the phone that I hate.



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14 Erics. That’s awesome. I often have a similar problem. We have several Marks, Johns, Kims, Allisons…etc. “which one do you want?” “Uhhhhhh, I dunno…” Click. I wish.

Comment by Laza

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