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Sloth is a Deadly Sin: Part 1
May 6, 2009, 3:29 pm
Filed under: Work Bitching

Lately I find myself contemplating the same question over and over again:  At what point does rationality take over and make a person realize that he is actually expending more time and effort into getting someone else to do something for him than it would take for him to just do it himself?

Case in point:  My boss, Douche, sent me an email telling me to email someone else we work with and ask that guy a question on his behalf.  For clarification’s sake, Douche is my boss in that I report him to, but I am not his personal assistant or secretary.  He is (by way of a confluence of circumstances and poor choices that baffles me daily) the head of the department I work in, so I answer to him and he signs my timesheet, but it is not in my job description to keep his calendar or take his calls or draft memos on his behalf.  It’s not in my job description to do those things for anybody. 

Douche sent me this email after the time I get off of work every day, which means that I would not even see the email until the next morning.  So he took the time to type out the question he had for this other guy at work, then took extra time to type out the part where he aks me to ask his question instead of  just emailing the guy himself, and he sent it after I left work, thereby ensuring that it would be at least another 14.5 hours before his question made it to the intended recipient, since there was no way I would see the email until I came into work the next morning. 

 The best part is, the question has nothing to do with me.  I don’t need it answered.  In fact, I already know the answer because this is the third time he has asked me to ask this guy this very same question.  So my boss is making no one wait but himself.  Way to be efficient.  Then again, the fact that this is the third time he is having to ask the same question speaks volumes.  How much brainpower can be expected of a man who is incapable of retaining the answer to a question longer than six seconds after he hears it?

If only my boss were that clever.

If only my boss were that clever.


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