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License Plate of the Day *Updated*
July 27, 2009, 8:22 pm
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Unless you’re Bradley Cooper or a piece of chocolate cake, this is unacceptable.  I’ve seen the driver of this car, and trust me.  No.

*Update*  Lauren has graciously reminded me that Eric from True Blood could drive a car with the license plate DLISUS and it would not only be appropriate, it would even be a clever sort of double entendre.  You know, with the whole blood-sucking thing. 

played by actor Alexander Skarsgard

played by actor Alexander Skarsgard

Ridiculously sexy.

Ridiculously sexy.

Bite me.  Seriously.

Bite me. Seriously.

True that, Lauren.  True that. 


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OR Eric from True Blood

Comment by Laza

And why can’t people put the stickers on correctly? The Month/Year stickers are meant to cover up the words “month” and “year”.

I definitely need to start watching these mouth-watering vampires!! mmmmmmmm

Comment by Michelle

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