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Nice Try! You’re Wrong.
July 30, 2009, 3:07 pm
Filed under: Work Bitching

Imagine for a moment that you work at my office (scary, I know).  You need help, which is sort of redundant since we’ve already established that you work at my office, but in this case your need is more specific and immediate, less suspended-in-corporate-purgatory.  Your need your password to the company’s network reset.  Your problem is one which you yourself have titled a “network” issue.  There are two request systems in which you may place a ticket asking for assistance.  One system is the Facilities ticket request system and one is the Network Help Desk ticket request system.  Let’s set aside for the moment that you have worked here for a couple of years and have been informed that the Facilities group handles issues with the facility (the building) and that the Network group handles issues related to the network (techie shit).  Pretend you haven’t managed to acquire this basic information yet.  All you know is that you have a network problem, and your two options of who to ask for help are Facilities and Network Help Desk.  Armed with only the knowledge I have imparted to you and your own skills of deductive reasoning, where might you place your request for assistance?  Your request for assistance with resetting your password to the NETWORK?

If only there were some kind of clue to help me!

If only there were some kind of clue to help me!

A.  The Network Help Desk ticketing system

B. The Facilities ticketing system

If you chose A, then congratulations.  As far as I can tell, you’re not a mental-defective.

If you chose B, then we’ve probably already met and you’re the imbecile who thought that asking the Facilities team to reset your NETWORK password made more sense than asking the NETWORK Help Desk to do it.




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