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License Plate of The Day
August 5, 2009, 8:07 pm
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I’m guessing based on the sentiment, the handicapped symbol, and the fact that the car itself was one of those boats only old people drive, that this belongs to a veteran.  If so, props to him (or her) for believing in something enough to be willing to risk dying for it.  I don’t believe in anything with that much fervor, except possibly the unerring truth that life is futile and people suck, and in essence I’m already dying for that, just slowly.  Or perhaps the driver of this automobile also believes in nothing and just appreciates our armed forces and wants to remind others to do the same.  Whatever.  Remember this license plate on Veteran’s Day.


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I bet it is a religious person and has something to do with Jesus dying for their sins. If so, I am going to pretend it is in remembrance of our soldiers.

Comment by Michelle

yeah i though jesus freak too

Comment by Laza

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