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License Plate of the Day
August 24, 2009, 3:09 pm
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You clever devil, you.

You clever devil, you.

Oh,  how I love puns.  Actually, I’m not entirely sure if this qualifies as a pun, because I don’t know if the word being punned can only be punned by use of a real word, but I think pun is the best category we’re going to get on this one.  Let’s break it down:  The Bora is a Volkswagen vehicle which is apparently also commonly referred to as a Jetta, or perhaps is a newer model of the Jetta with a new name to go with it, or both.  Not quite sure on that.   “Jetteye” sounds like “Jedi,” as in guardian of peace and justice/armed with the Force/member of the Jedi order from the Star Wars movies.  I am by no means whatever the Star Wars equivalent of a Trekkie is called, but I recognize a Stars Wars reference when I see one.  This person could have just put Jedi on his plate, although I would bet some sci-fi geek took that one a long time ago, but combining a cheeky reference to the car WITH the Star Wars reference is pure gold.

Whenever I think of Star Wars, I think of this man (?):

He always lifts my spirits when I'm having a fat day.

He always lifts my spirits when I'm having a fat day.

The Wikipedia page on Jabba the Hut has an entire section devoted to his dietary habits, which at first struck me as funny but which also seems incredibly appropriate.


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