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33 Years and 1 Day Ago, Uber-hotness Was Born
August 26, 2009, 3:02 pm
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Happy Birthday Alexander Skarsgard!!!!

Well hello there.

Well hello there.

This isn’t the first time we have discussed Alexander here, and it won’t be the last.  He portrays Eric on True Blood, and the combination of Alexander’s god-given hotness with the sexy badass character that is Eric = ubersexy.  Because Alexander is Swedish and most of his acting credits are in foreign films, Eric is only the role I have seen him play. 

See that look of sarcasm?  Pretty much always there, because Eric doesn't have time for your petty concerns.

See that look of sarcasm? Pretty much always there, because Eric doesn't have time for your petty concerns.

The character is a vampire and is supposed to be incredibly irresistible and attractive, and the whole first season of True Blood, I didn’t get it.  I didn’t think he was especially good looking.  No, I was not temporarily blinded.  In the first season, he had really long hair, and while I don’t have a blanket objection to men with long hair, in this case, the long hair was obscuring the hotness.  Like, literally blocking my view of how ridiculously sexy this man is.  Plus, the character has been more developed in season 2 of the show, and he’s very sarcastic and pretty much just cooler than everyone else.  And then the good folks over at HBO gave us this:


God bless you, Alan Ball.  It was actually just a dream sequence, but I’m not picky.  Eric was naked and he was all hot and in charge.  I wish I could put the scene on here for you so you could see it.  It was awesome.

If you’re not already watching True Blood, you should be, because it’s highly entertaining, and there are great things about it beyond Eric/A. Skarsgard, as if that wasn’t enough.  But he is definitely my favorite part of the show.  He also stars in Lady GaGa’s music video Paparazzi, which is a very strange video, but of course Alexander is sexy in it and I actually kind of like the song, too.  And he is set to star in a remake of the infamous film Straw Dogs.  So all indications are that us Americans will be seeing a lot more of Mr. Skarsgard from here on out.  Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Skarsgard for bestowing this wonderful gift upon us.  Today (one day late, but it’s the thought that counts) we salute you.


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god that scene with him and sookie, he was out of control hot.

Comment by Laza

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