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License Plate of the Day
September 8, 2009, 2:15 pm
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Pretty much the only logical interpretation for this one is “Jesus Freak,” no?  I’m familiar with the term; in fact, I use it all the time, but last time I checked, it was derogatory, as is, “Joe is a Rush Limbaugh listening, anti-gay protesting, card-carrying Jesus Freak.”  So is the owner of this vehicle making fun of Jesus Freaks by putting this on his license plate?  Am I supposed to look at this and assume that I could engage the owner in a Keith Olbermann-esque rant about how completely batcrap crazy Glenn Beck is and he would laugh and then start talking crap about Bill O’Reily?  The car also had a sticker for a local, diverse state university, the very one I attended, which is not necessarily the most liberal school of all time but if I had to guess, I would say it falls more on the liberal side than the conservative side.  It would definitely give me pause if I saw some a group of students carrying around bibles on cmapus.  The driver of this car is such an enigma to me, and if he does think this plate is a joke and that it’s clear which side of it he stands on, he might want to rethink that before some very uncomfortable conversations ensue.

The other possibility is that the driver is a self proclaimed Jesus Freak and means it in the most literal sense.  Have the Jesus Freaks decided to take that moniker and make it their own, a la the N word?  Are they allowed to call themselves Jesus Freaks but it’s totally not okay for me to call them that (to their faces) since I’m not one of them?  Remember back when Jennifer Lopez was a singer for awhile, back in her ghetto Jenny-from-the-block days, and she did that song with Ja Rule (whatever happened to him?) and he used the N word in it, which was fine, but then she used the N word too and that was totally not fine?  I feel like the Jesus Freaks could totally have a similar situation on their hands if this is the direction they’re choosing to go with this. 


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I don’t care what they say…I’m still calling them Jesus Freaks to their faces.

Comment by Steph

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