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You can make my what do what?!?
September 10, 2009, 4:19 pm
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You know what bugs me?  When an artist I have committed myself to hating on moral grounds puts out a song that I actually enjoy, like when Miley Cyrus had that single “See You Again.”  I didn’t even know who sang it, but it was catchy and it grew on me, and I started singing along to it…and then I found out it was a Miley Cyrus song.  Curses.  I dislike her on principle.  She’s annoying and not very talented and can barely sing, but dammit, her people manage to acquire good songs for her occasionally. 

I’m having a similar moment with the song “Best I Ever Had,” which assuming you have  ears and a radio, you’ve heard before.  Probably today, 3 or 4 times already.  Before I heard the song, I heard OF the song, because it’s by this new rapper Drake who was getting all this buzz and possibly boning Rihanna.  Drake is the protege of rapper Lil’ Wayne, and if I were being cast away to live out my life alone on a deserted island and could only bring 10 songs with me , Lollipop would be one of them.  I LOVE ME SOME LOLLIPOP.  It’s old now, and I still love it.  When I first heard the unedited version, it might have made me blush alone in my own car.  It also contains some of my all time favorite song lyrics:

“And he can’t do this and he don’t do that, Shawty need a refund, need to bring a nigga back.”

Were truer words ever spoken?

So if Drake is Lil’ Wayne’s protege, he must be pretty badass, right?  Let’s meet Drake:

That's kind of a badass scowl, no?

That's kind of a badass scowl, no?

This is also Drake:

Nice jacket.

Nice jacket.

And his actual name is Aubrey Graham.  I don’t know about you, but for me, the name Aubrey does not elicit images of anything even remotely badass.  Before Drake decided he was Drake, he was an actor on a Canadian television show called “Degrassi:  The Next Generation” which takes place at Degrassi high school and is about, you guessed it, high school.  Aubrey played Jimmy Brooks, a poor little rich boy whose parents were so busy making money they often forgot he existed. 

The current promotional slogan for the show, which Aubrey is no longer on, is “It’s about to get real,” and before that, the slogan was, “It goes there, ” as in, it’s really going to address real issues over there, there being crazy controversial places.  To the show’s credit, they have dealt with serious issues, such as mental disease, pregnancy, STDs, and a school shooting.  They even had a character get an abortion, which pretty much never happens on tv.  But the thing is, even though the issues are real, the show deals with them in a very tame way.  There are no sex scenes or even close to sex scenes, and most major, real issues are wrapped up neat and tidy in the course of one half hour episode.  The show casts “real” kids, meaning kids with little to no acting experience who for the most part look like regular kids.  They are not all super hot and they don’t all wear designer clothing.  They are  roughly the age of their characters, so there are no 30  year olds going to prom (original 90210, I’m looking at you).  But overall, the show just comes across as kind of wholesome, so I’m suprised that a guy named Aubrey can transition smoothly from Jimmy on Degrassi to rapping with Lil’ Wayne. 

Drake's character on the show was shot, so maybe that ups his cred.  I don't know how these things work.

Drake's character on the show was shot, hence the wheelchair, so maybe that ups his cred. I don't know how these things work.

But the goddamn song is growing on me, despite my objections to the concept of Jimmy as a hardcore rapper.  It’s catchy, dammit, and it’s almost sweet, albeit in an extremely vulgar way.  Still, whenever Drake says, “I can make your pussy whistle,” I picture this:

Do you even know what that means, Jimmy?

Do you even know what that means, Jimmy? Because you look a little confused.


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I love Drake! I loved him on Degrassi too! I love “See You Again” too. I HATE HATE HATE “Party in the USA.” It makes me want to throw a rock at her horse face. Needless to say I change the radio station when it’s on because I’m not that violent.

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