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License Plate of the Day: Ovie Edition
September 18, 2009, 3:30 pm
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Yesterday was the first pre-season game for the Washington Capitals, and we beat the Buffalo Sabres with a 4-3 overtime win.  It’s a preseason game, so in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter, but winning is still great and it’s a nice way to start things out.  Yesterday was also Alex Ovechkin’s 24th birthday.  If you’re not familiar with Ovie, then you and I are not friends, and you should get familiar, because he’s pretty badass.  He’s the best hockey player in the world right now, and he earns that doing by doing things like this and this on a regular basis.  His skill and popularity has played a big role in helping to turn Washington DC into a hockey town, so it’s not surprising to see license plate tributes to him.

Love the Caps sticker as well.  Way to go all out.

Love the Caps sticker as well. Way to go all out.Nice sticker decal. A tad small, but still nice.

The decal is a tad small, but still an excellent effort overall.

The decal is a tad small, but still an excellent effort overall.

Ovie’s number is 8, which I shouldn’t have to tell you, and he is often called Alexander the Great, so the second plate is especially  nice with the way it uses the 8 to say the “great.”  Love it. 

Turns out there is a local Caps blogger who also includes license plates (but only Caps/hockey related ones, since his blog is about the Caps, unlike mine, although I have considered doing a Caps blog with Jessie since she is my kindred hockey spirit).  You can check it out here.  He also has the top license plate featured on his blog, but Jessie took a picture of that car and sent it to me before she located his blog some time ago and I just haven’t used it because it was too painful to think about Caps hockey when it wasn’t hockey season.


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