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Please Shit-Talk on Your Own Time. Thanks.
October 2, 2009, 2:55 pm
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So I’m feeling conflicted about my monthly salon appointment.  Once a month I get my eyebrows and eyelashes tinted, which sounds weird, but I’m a natural redhead, so my lashes and brows are literally transparent.  They’re like the absence of color.  In an effort to look less like an albino, I get my lashes dyed black and my brows dyed a dark reddish light brownish shade.  It’s inexpensive and I’ve had the same lady, Lisa, for years.  My dilema is that Lisa is sickly, gossipy, and full of drama.

Me before lash/brow tinting. It's a dire situation.

Me before lash/brow tinting. It's a dire situation.

Lisa is constantly coming down with major illnesses and being diagnosed with new serious chronic diseases, and as such, she has had to cancel on me quite a few times.  You might think there is someone else at the spa that could easily take over for her when this happens, but the one time I used a different person, that woman dyed my eyebrows black and I looked like Groucho Marx.  Lisa had to bleach them and then dye them again.  So yeah.  But even though she cancels sometimes, she is good about fitting me in as soon as she can, so I don’t mind that too much.

What I do mind is that Lisa is constantly broadcasting her various drama to me.  Her sister owns the place, her mother, grandmother and aunt all work there as well, and from what I gather, Lisa is the black sheep of the family.  There is non-stop bickering.  Two months ago she told me she had quit and would call me with more info; I showed up for my next scheduled apppointment and she didn’t even mention it.  But frankly, I don’t want to hear about her work drama, her health drama (I cared at first before I figured out she is a raging hypochondriac and probably  has Munchausen syndrome), her feelings about MJ’s death, etc.  I don’t care.  And I think it should go without saying that it’s unprofessional for her to vent to a client about her issues at the job.  I’ve been getting frustrated with the situation for awhile now, but I put up with it mainly because the spa is right by my house and the service I get is super cheap, so I appreciate that Lisa takes care of me and fits me in when needed even though I’m not a big money maker for her.  But then I went to my last appointment…

I got there 5 minutes early.  I checked in with Tricia, a receptionist that has been there for awhile.  She took me back to the spa waiting area only to realize there were no seats there, which was irritating because the spa seating area has low lights and good magainzes and couches, and the main waiting area has none of those things and is right by the front door and front desk.  But whatever.  I can handle it for 5 minutes…

Except those five minutes turned into 20, which was 15 minutes past my scheduled appointment time.  I ventured to the front desk to place a polite inquiry as to why the fuck I was still waiting, and Tricia was gone, replaced by some chick I had never seen before.  I asked her what was up, she went to check, came back, and told me Lisa would be right with me.  No further explanation, no apology for the wait.

Another 10 minutes passed and I decided that I was done with this bullshit.  I told the new chick that I had to go because I had somewhere to be (true story, not just spoken for effect) and to please let Lisa know and ask her to call me to reschedule.  The new chick made what was essentially the facial equivalent of a shrug.  She very keenly conveyed her complete failure to give a crap.  I asked if she knew what the problem was (was someone having a Groucho Marx emergency like I had had, because I could totally muster up some sympathy for that) and she repeated that Lisa would be right out.  So I said, “Yeah, well, you told me that 10 minutes ago,” and right at that moment Lisa walked up with Tricia, laughing like they just came from Sex and the City style cocktails.

Lisa said she was sorry I had to wait a few minutes.  A few minutes?  5 minutes might have qualified as a few minutes; even 10 minutes and I would have been on board.  But my appointment started nearly 30 minutes late.  I asked Lisa what was going on and mentioned that the new receptionist didn’t give me any explanation and came thisclose to asking me if I thought she gave a rat’s ass about my problem, and this led Lisa into a tirade about how awful this new girl is and how she sucks and part of the problem is that no one can respect her because she left her husband and two year old daughter for some new boy toy she just met.  TMI much?  I don’t a fuck.  Then Lisa asked me to call after I left to complain about her so they could get the girl fired.  I might have actually considered that, because you know how I feel about bad customer service, had Lisa not gone on to share the following:

1.  She said the new girl told her when I arrived at 1:08pm and she told her to tell me it would be a few minutes.  Um, except, I didn’t arrive at 1:08, I arrived at 12:55 (plus taking me back at 1:30 even had I arrived at 1:08 would still have been annoying).  Lisa starts ranting about how this is typical of the new girl, not telling her when I actually arrived…except that the new girl wasn’t even there when I checked in.  Tricia was, and I checked in with her, so we really can’t blame this particular failure to communicate on the new girl, now can we?

2.  I asked Lisa what exactly held her up for so long.  Are you ready for this?  She told me that she and Tricia were discussing the problems with the new girl and how to get her fired.  She said that even though she’s not a manager, she sometimes gets held up working on these managerial issues.  Last time I checked, hardcore, extensive shit-talking was not a managerial function. 


I'm seriously considering that this could be a real possibility.

I'm seriously considering that this could be a real possibility.


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