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License Plate of the Day
November 18, 2009, 9:48 pm
Filed under: License Plate of the Day

MJ Frog.  I like it.  As you may or may not remember, MJ Frog was essentially the mascot of the WB back when that channel still existed.  I know I have harped on people before for having Disney license plates and Betty Boop license plates, so it might seem hypocritical or incongrous that I would be a fan of this one, but it’s not.  Here’s why. 

1.  MJ Frog is a frog.  That’s all it takes in my book, because for many years now, I have been aware of the power of the frog.  Frogs rock.

2.  MJ Frog isn’t part of some obnoxious empire that owns the world.  MJ Frog exists only as a happy memory, and the station he shilled for doesn’t exist anymore. 

3.  MJ Frog is badass.  He’s not sappy with frequent racist undertones  a la Disney, and he’s not a pathetic chick who has to throw her sexuality in my face to get a little attention.  He was able to do song and dance numbers sprinkled with jazz hands without fear and with his masculinity intact.  MJ Frog is not out to impress you because MJ Frog doesn’t give a fuck.

Ah, the WB. I remember it fondly too, MJ.

4.  MJ Frog knows how to accessorize.


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