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Who Knew a 10 Year Old Would Be My New Hero?
November 19, 2009, 7:39 pm
Filed under: Musings of a Random Nature

I know I talk a lot of shit about children because, well, they’re annoying, untrained and lack volume control.  But every so often the world manages to pop one out that’s pretty fucking awesome.  For example, I was young once.  I didn’t know him when he was a child but I have faith that Alexander Skarsgard was pretty cool when he was a kid.  I have it on good authority that Alex Ovechkin spent time under the age of 18.  And now it’s happened again. So let me introduce you to the most badass motherfucker that the current crop of today’s youth has to offer:

Beneath that unassuming exterior are balls of steel.

Will Phillips may look like the kind of kid who gets the crap kicked out of him in the school yard on the regular (and he may be) but young Will has something that 90% of adults don’t even have:  courage and conviction.  Will lives in Arkansas and he got in trouble at school for refusing to participate in the Pledge of Allegiance.  He wasn’t just being a shit and trying to get a rise of people; he refuses to recite the pledge until gay people are extended the right to marry.  Because gay people can’t get married, Will feels the part in the pledge about liberty and justice for all is a bunch of bullcrap, and he won’t stand for it.  Literally. 

How fucking awesome is that?  Will is 10, and I feel extra attention should be paid to the fact that he lives in Arkansas.  Will doesn’t live in a trendy New York borough where all the kids just stepped out of Glee.  Will lives in the kind of place that embraces Sarah Palin but doesn’t embrace jazz hands.  In fact, he is now frequently being heckled by his peers with shouts of “gayway” when he walks by, but Will is not one to buckle under peer pressure.  Will thinks all people should be given the same rights under the law, and he’s willing to pay the price for standing up for what he believes in. 

There’s an article about him here, and my favorite part of it is when Will recounts being admonished by the teacher and her attempts to guilt him into saying the pledge by telling him that he was disappointing his mother and grandmother.  His response?  “With all due respect, m’am, you can go jump off a bridge.” 

Now that is my kind of kid.


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