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Just Because I’m Bitter Doesn’t Mean You Have to Be
November 24, 2009, 4:10 pm
Filed under: Musings of a Random Nature

So, yeah, I hate life.  But that doesn’t mean there aren’t occasional flashes of joy .  I live in a world where Sarah Palin was thisclose to being VP of the United States (bitterness), but I also live in a world that contains Alexander Skarsgard, Jon Hamm, Bradley Cooper and Keith Olbermann (joy).  Granted all of those people are totally on the periphery of my life and don’t even know I exist, but whatevs.  The point is, some things do penetrate this cold black heart, and this website I stumbled upon is one of them:

It’s like the anithesis of The Bitterness Blog, but they had me at #629, because how true is that?  And number 628?  Every. Night. 

So check it out and enjoy, and when you get overwhelmed by the awesome in life and need a kick in the ass to remind you that it really mostly sucks to be alive, come right on back over and pay me a visit.  I’ll be here, and I’ll still be bitter.


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