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Even Hookers Get the Dough in Their Hands First
January 7, 2010, 4:45 am
Filed under: Work Bitching

Have I told you how excited I am to be on the job hunt?

Yup. That pretty much sums it up.

I just had a little discussion with myself as to whether or not it is appropriate to categorize this post under “work bitching” since “work” implies the state of being employed, which is a state I do not live in.  But bitching about lack of work is still bitching about work as a general concept, I decided.  So there.

One of my favorite things about job searching is how incredibly repetitive it becomes.  Yesterday I applied for a job through Monster, except when I tried to apply it directed me to the company’s site.  That site had me upload my resume and then fill out an online application that basically asked me what was on my resume.  A tad redundant.

The other day I got a call from a placement agency I had emailed my resume to.  So the guy calls me and asks me what I’m looking for, summary of background, do I have a problem being drug tested, am I a felon, etc.  He asks me to come into the office the next day to meet with him and tells me he will email me a confirmation first.  When I get the email, it asks me to bring 2 copies of my resume with me to the meeting and to reply back to the email with a copy of my resume.  So we’re up to 4 copies of my resume, two hard copy, two electronic.  When I met with the guy, he literally asked me the EXACT SAME questions he had asked me over the phone.  Not a new question in sight.  And while I was there I had to fill out an application on my employment background, a.k.a, shit that is already on my resume.  Sweet mother of God.  I’m assuming that companies have you fill out separate information that contains the info from your resume because they are going to put that information into some form that is particular to their company to create their file on you, and while I understand that, I still object to it.  You’re asking me to fill that out instead of paying some lackey at the company to go through my resume, pick out the pertinent info, and data-entry it up into their format.  I have plenty of menial tasks in my future once I do get hired.  Please do me the courtesy of waiting until you’re paying me before you shove tedious and annoying tasks down my throat.


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I have a business idea for you – pay companies to compile all those resumes into their annoying format. it will save them time and make them look less stupid 🙂
There you go. Your welcome 🙂

Comment by Melanie

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