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Accidentally Racist
January 14, 2010, 8:21 pm
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So I played Wii for the first time over the weekend (I know, I know, and I don’t have a facebook page either, so sue me).  I sucked major balls, but by the end I felt like I was sort of maybe possibly starting to get the hang of it.  They have little games designed to get you acclimated to the system, and one of them shows a crowd of Wii people and somewhere in the crowd are two or three identical people and the goal is to match them up.  I was playing with Lauren and Rachael (who, it turns out, is a competitive bitch with no scruples) (much love Rach!), and on one level I kept clicking on these matching black dudes and I could not figure out why it kept making the obnoxious errrhhhh noise to indicate that they were not a match.  Rachael noticed I was having difficulty and gleefully explained to me that the reason I was having issues was that the two characters didn’t actually match.  They were both black guys but not the SAME black guy, and then she even more gleefully explained to me that not all black guys look the same and I’m racist.

How much are we going to miss her when she goes to Bolivia?

In my defense, Wii is its own special and very different world and it takes time to get used to the visuals of it as well as the controls and movements. Secondly… so I was accidentally racist; it happens to the best of us.  Thirdly, those two black dudes looked a hell of a lot alike.

But most importantly, I posit that I was not racist, but rather that the Wii itself was/is racist.  All the white folk in the game had very clearly defined characteristics that allows one to easily differentiate between them.  They have different hair colors, eye colors, facial structure, hairdos, etc.  The black dudes looked the same, because in Wii-land all black people have the same general hairdo, hair color, facial structure, and skin tone.  Worse yet, think of how much time and energy and preparation went into the creation of the Wii and the accompanying games.  During all that time, no one at Nintendo noticed that all the black dudes looked the same?  Clearly, affirmative action hasn’t penetrated the walls of Nintendo’s offices, because if any black folk worked there, they might have noticed the issue.  Or maybe they do work there and tried to point this out but were ignored.

Who’s racist now?

You can see where I'm coming from. Don't deny it.


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The black people can have the same different features like the white people you just can’t see them because they make the black people so damn black

Comment by Kimberly Hooff

I still call Racist.

Comment by Katie

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