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Snowtorious B.I.G *
February 8, 2010, 3:26 am
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Remember how I posited earlier this week that there is a direct correlation between my job loss and the harsh wintry conditions that have lately been overtaking Northern VA?

Is the weather serious right now? Are you fucking kidding me?

I was right.  The ass-raping I endured by my former employer caused some kind of cosmic tear in the fabric of the universe, and this shit-storm is the result.  And it’s NOT OKAY.  Yesterday I had to make my way from the front door to the side of the house to clear snow off the satellite receiver because it was seriously fucking up my tv watching, and it took 2 people to even push aside enough snow to open the front door.  When I stepped outside, I sunk into snow that was thigh-deep, and I’m not a midget.  I heard on the news that 50,000 homes in the area are without power (and to those people l can only express my deepest sympathies, because that sucks serious balls).  The government is closed tomorrow because the metro is only able to operate a train every 30 minutes at underground stations only.  I am seriously concerned that this is the beginning of a new ice age and the end of the human race.  And that picture above?  That’s my back porch, or at least I think it is, but I’m not sure anymore because I CAN’T SEE PAST THE GODDAMN SNOW.  I’m resigned to not leaving the house tomorrow because I’m concerned that if I did I would never make it home again.  You would find me in a month, frozen to death in the snow in my own driveway.

And the best part?  Another snowstorm is expected on Tuesday.

*I totally stole that title from Lauren.  Though she may be slowly dying of boredom, locked alone in her apartment, her ability to make me laugh out loud is still alive and well.


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I was afraid I was to blame ( but I’m very glad to hear it’s your fault. Hope you get a job soon, for all of our sakes.

Comment by Kevin

I can’t take the credit for the title, I got it off NBC who got it from Twitter.

Comment by Laza

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