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NyQuil is My Best Friend
February 14, 2010, 5:54 am
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Let’s take a little inventory of my life, shall we?  NoVa is still trying, and mostly failing, to cope with the after-effects of the various snowpocalypses of late.  The roads are ridiculous, but everybody is stir crazy from being cooped up so long that everyone is out on them anyways.  Pretty much every road way is down to one lane because the other lanes are just parking lots for snow piles, so traffic sucks major ass, and people are being assholes, beeping for no reason, as if I could move any faster around that giant iceberg in the middle of the damn road.  So that’s awesome.

I’m still unemployed, and I haven’t really been able to even attempt to move forward in the job search since even the government was closed half the week.  I’ve had one interview rescheduled 3 times now due to snow.  Also, the snow has wreaked absolute havoc on my skin.  I usually have fairly decent skin,  so when something pops up, its presence drives me totally bat shit, and I feel an obsessive need to pick at it, and that is guaranteed to make it worse. I will pick until I bleed, and I did, all week long.  The cabin fever made it worse, like I was itching to get out so badly that I started trying to just scratch at whatever was nearby, which happened to be my own face.  So because of my own bad habit combined with my fingernails, my face looks like it was on the receiving end of a bear attack.  I’m mauled, except I mauled myself, which is just pathetic.

Oh, and I have a TERRIBLE cold, and let me tell you, I’m not a pleasant sick person.  I don’t do sick well.  I don’t even do well well.  But I really can’t handle the whole sore throat, sneezing, sniffly, congested thing.  Especially the congested part.  I’m worried I might suffocate in my sleep if I accidentally close my mouth, since I can no longer breath through my nose, but that’s only a concern if I can even get to sleep, which is really hard to do when I’m this congested.  It’s probably a survival technique, because my body knows the likelihood of me ceasing to breath completely at this point is so high, but lack of sleep increases my bitterness level exponentially, and as we all know, my bitterness level is pretty high to begin with. And I’m drippy.  It’s sort of like this:

…except the dog has better skin than me.

So I’m going to drink a bottle of Nyquil and hope that I make it through the night, and hope that I don’t wake up in the middle of snowmageddon.  Wish me luck.


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That pic is just disgusting and if you have that coming out of your nose….get to a doctor STAT!

Comment by Michelle

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