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Love, Thy Name is Roku
February 24, 2010, 9:27 pm
Filed under: Musings of a Random Nature

What is the best gift you could ever give to the jobless?  Well, a decent job.  Or money.  But after that?  The answer, my friends, is The Roku.

The Roku is a fabulous device made for the sole purpose of hooking your tv up to your Netflix account so you can make full and glorious use of Netflix’s Watch Instantly option.  And glorious it is.  I have found my technological soul mate.  I haven’t left the house since the Roku arrived on my doorstep, a gift from a truly insightful friend, a few days ago, and I may never leave the house again, because Netflix has 17,000 watch instantly choices, and more choices are constantly being added.  Currently, I’m enthralled by Wire in the Blood, a BBC series about a clinical psychologist assisting the police department on various serial killer cases.  It’s pretty awesome, and British accents make everything smarter and better.  Proven fact.

The only flaw with the Roku is that A LOT of Netflix’s catalog is not available to watch instantly.  More annoying than something not being available is something being only partially available, like a tv series where some seasons are available and others aren’t, and there is no rhyme or reason to why.  You can see season 5 of Grey’s Anatomy but not season 1.  And some series have disc-only episodes within the same season as watch instantly episodes. Explain that to me.

But this is actually not the Roku’s fault.  The Roku is simply the conduit, the vehicle, the objective mediator, if you will.  It’s Netflix that isn’t allowing the Roku to live up to it’s full potential, and there is nothing sadder in this world than stifled potential.  Netflix, I beg you, let Roku shine.

Speaking of potential, who wouldn't want to hire me? Look at this level of dedication.


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