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February 26, 2010, 10:27 pm
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I had lunch today with my fabulous friend Kristen and her son Ethan, who will be 2 in May.  It’s a documented fact that I generally dislike people under the age of 25, but Ethan is SUPER cute.  He has big blue eyes and lashes any girl would die for.  He ‘s gives out hugs and kisses left and right and flirts with anyone he makes eye contact with.  And he talks, which I normally find to be a less than endearing trait in children, but Ethan says cute things in a cute voice and looks so damn happy to be saying them.  I can’t help but love him.

So Ethan was talking up a storm, saying Hi to cars and trucks and announcing the presence of his French fries.  He knows various animal noises and he knows that turtles are slow.  The kid’s a genius.  Anyways, Kristen enthusiastically told me that on the car ride to lunch, Ethan was excited about seeing me and was saying, “Katie girlfriend” because I’m his girlfriend.  How fucking cute is that?  So cute, I had to hear it myself, right? Kristen asked Ethan, “Is Katie your girlfriend?  Can you say Katie?”

And Ethan said, “Cow.”  3 times in a row.

Yes, even small children are aware of the heinousness of my figure.  So I’m obviously never going out in public again.

Cows say "moo." And apparently, so do I.


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LOL that is so funny. But not true! If you’re a cow then I must be Moby Dick! lol

Comment by missy

Oh Missy. You are annoyingly tiny, but I love you nonetheless.

Comment by Katie

Please don’t be offended, Cows are his favorite animal right now. After lunch we went to my dad’s & the lizard & the cat were boths cows. our dogs are dogcows.
After we left he said Katie at least a dozen times..
My lesson… Kids start embarassing & proving you wrong from a very early age!!!

Comment by Ethansmom

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