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April 6, 2010, 6:08 pm
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My general aversion to child-bearing was reaffirmed yesterday in a big way.

I went to CVS on my lunch break to pick up some general crap.  As I was pulling up near the CVS, a woman was walking across the parking area with a stroller and little person in tow, having just left the CVS.  I parked.  I went inside the CVS and went about my business.  I had never been to this particular CVS before, so I had some light navigating to do.  Then I waited in a line of 3 people before my stuff was paid for and I was out the door, en route to my auto.  And who did I pass?  The woman with the baby.  She appeared to have recently finished strapping the kid in and was loading the stroller into the back.  From the time it took me to enter the parking lot, park, walk into the store, figure out where to find my shit, consider buying 5 magazines, pick up a pedometer from the sales bin, put it back, pick it up again, makes my purchases and walk to my car, she not only had not left the parking lot yet but HADN’T EVEN MADE IT INTO HER CAR HERSELF.  Sweet Christ that is some slow moving.  Unless she was writing a child-rearing book during my CVS adventure, that is altogether too time consuming.  Can’t do it.  Ever.

I will, however, give babies credit where credit is due in the amusement department.  When you are just looking at them from afar and not responsible for their actual care, they are some funny fuckers.  As evidenced here, on my new favorite website.

Hey, now that I’m “working” again, I have to fill up my 8 hours somehow.

Also amusing?  Dressing my dog up in Caps gear.

Dashing and well dressed. He's a catch.


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I cannot believe you got Gizmo to wear a caps sweater. That is crazy! He is cute though.

Comment by Melanie

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