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May 28, 2010, 5:11 pm
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The other night, while flipping through the channels, I caught about 2 minutes of the MTV show True Life.  This episode’s topic was, “I’m Addicted to Porn,” and as you can imagine, the men featured in it were real winners. 

Brandon is 26, addicted to porn, and lives with his grandma.  He feels that his porn addiction is hampering his possibility of a relationship with a woman because porn allows him to enjoy women without dealing with all the drama that comes with them. (I’m figuring he favors straight-up, get right to it, fucking-porn, as opposed to porn that attempts a plot; just a guess.)  And by “enjoy women,” he means, “enjoy his own hand.”

Yes, Brandon...your addiction to porn is the reason you can't find a good woman.

The reason I’m telling you all this is not to discuss what a loser Brandon is, because really, Brandon being a loser was already implicit when he not only became addicted to porn, but went on MTV to tell the world about it.  No, I’m telling you this because the few minutes I spent watching Brandon left me with this memorable quote:

“One of my favorite things to do is smoke cigars while I watch porno.  Keep it luxurious.”

Luxurious and classy.

Brandon with his cigar. You don't even want to know where he put that cigar before he smoked it.


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I am addicted to those True Life shows…but I never saw this one. What a creep!

Comment by Missy

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